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You can spend up to 500 MB after which your service will be blocked and you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid plan. The company states that they never sell test accounts and that you shouldn’t purchase them if offered. The service has the potential of becoming one of the top VPN services if the provider can address all the issues that we have listed in this review. We have no doubts in our mind that the customer support representatives are competent enough to deal with all the curve balls thrown at them by the users. We subsequently asked them a few more questions, and the customer support representatives responded with a reasonable explanation every time.


In addition, TigerVPN doesn’t want to make it that easy for you to go. There are no ways to request for a refund on your account management dashboard. You can only cancel your subscription on your account settings, but this still will not count as a refund request. This figure has not changed in nearly a year – we can conclude that TigerVPN is not working on expanding their network presence. Both use military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and support a wide range of VPN protocols.

But the speeds recorded on the US and the UK servers are remarkable as well. This server was supposed to be the optimal server for our location and therefore the fastest one too. However, it is not just the quantity of servers that matters in a VPN service, the quality of the servers is what separates the top VPN services from the mediocre ones. The service has a large number of servers, and the network covers a large part of the globe.

TigerVPN claims to have all the qualities mentioned above. The service looks competent enough at first glance and has been in action since 2011. Hulu and BBC iPlayer are, unfortunately, inaccessible by tigerVPN.

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All come with a 7-day money-back guarantee, which is among the shortest ones in the VPN industry. The yearly plans also add Shimo VPN Manager and StickyPassword Premium as a bonus. Having noted that their Support reacts faster if you’re a premium client, we opened the chat which said that we might need to wait up to 20 minutes for a reply.

  • Adding a full-featured iOS client would be an upgrade for this service.
  • It has a maximum of five simultaneous connections for a three-year plan.
  • The laid-back branding and user-friendly website and guides are additional marks in TigerVPN’s favor.
  • PPTP has much less computational overhead, and should be well withing the capabilities of an Asus RT-N66U touter to handle at speed…
  • The customer support with TigerVPN is a bit of a mixed bag.

The middle section features a map with locations of the available servers, making it easier to connect to your preferred one. Everything is right there, so we would award extra points for simplicity, which will mostly benefit individuals without previous VPN experience. Directly above the connect button, you’ll be able to see your usage, which is especially useful during the limited trial period. The server network covers a lot of locations with the number of servers it has. This service is one of the best services for Asian folks as it has a lot of server locations in Asia. The kill switch automatically stops the internet traffic in case the VPN connection drops.

Pricing and Features

As you probably know by now, not all tigervpn reviewss are created equal. That aside, they do offer a great help section complete with FAQs, setup guides, and troubleshooting articles. They do, however, recommend using Amsterdam, Bucharest, and Montreal servers, which is interesting. TigerVPN’s website uses SSL encryption, which secures your information and all other interactions.

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So selection is more or less acceptable, but we miss a separate e-mail address to write to. What is interesting about this is that support is not 24/7 online. They are only available for help during weekdays, at 8am-6 pm, according the GMT+2 time zone. TigerVPN assures us that no logs are kept, and that as they developed the codes themselves, they can guarantee that security and anonymity are the highest considerations. You can connect directly through your operating system’s built-in tools, and they have extensive guides as to how to do this. They support the latest encryption protocols, and support P2P file sharing and torrenting.

Servers and Locations

Despite varying speeds and random connection losses, the value was OK given the low price. Best VPNs usually offer safe P2P file sharing option, which means that while torrenting, you are connected to Peer-to-Peer file sharing in order to download really fast. If the VPN doesn’t shy away from using torrents, it will secure your connection from other people using the same connection. If you want to find out which top VPNs allow torrenting, check our thorough VPN reviews. TigerVPN prices itself too high and therefore cannot be recommended.

We worked through the usual email-password-payment sequence, and arrived at an excellent web console with app download links, connection information, account details and more. Looks expensive at $11.99, especially as you only get support for just two simultaneous connections. They are also running offers listing a lifetime service for $29, listed in many websites, so this would be a substantial savings, if you find that TigerVPN is for you. VpnMentor contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted.

  • You may find that a VPN that worked great for me isn’t a good fit for you.
  • However, a drop of 40 to 50 Mbps is a pretty massive and people with a slower internet connection to start with, may find they are left unable to stream without buffering.
  • From network to servers, TigerVPN doesn’t outsource such activities to third-party sources.
  • However, it keeps some connection logs, and it has relatively few advanced features when compared to many of its biggest competitors.

To give TigerVPN’s credit where due, they cover in-demand locations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. That means you can take virtual movie tours via Netflix, or access regionally-blocked websites without issue. There are 42 countries and 62 cities available, which might sound like a lot but is still less than competitors provide. All networks and their respective statuses are viewable on the website. The 30 percent rule relates to a bandwidth rationing policy.

tigerVPN Review

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service. NordVPN has one of the largest server networks, with over 5600 servers in 60 countries. They offer both Shared and Dedicated IPs, ensuring both your privacy and streaming needs are catered for. Unless your VPN offers servers in your preferred location, you won’t be able to access content restricted to that particular location. Many users were pleased by the VPN’s compatibility as well as the fast connection speeds. But on the downside, their lack of an internet kill switch can leave you exposed in the event your connection drops.

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After finally establishing a connection with a third staff member whose avatar was not shown initially, we had to wait another 20 minutes for a second response. In January, only one US server unblocked the Netflix US library and showed us Godzilla The Planet Eater, which, based on its on-screen looks, should go on some moon diet. In the worst case scenario, you can disable IPv6 to make sure you’re safe. Founded in 2013, the site’s mission is to help users around the world reclaim their right to privacy. ReplyHui Donald, Yes, routers often struggle to process strong OpenVPN encryption, but if I understand correctly, Trefilov22 is only using PPTP on his router. PPTP has much less computational overhead, and should be well withing the capabilities of an Asus RT-N66U touter to handle at speed…

It is also very straightforward and simple, making it the ideal choice for first-time VPN users. It makes the process easier, faster, and more convenient. TigerVPN has over 300 servers in 61 locations covering 40+ countries.

What is the Tiger VPN price?

Note, however, that some companies and countries don’t take kindly to the use of VPNs and may attempt to block your connections. It’s up to you to research what usage terms or local laws you might be violating by using a VPN for these reasons. The fast speeds of servers like those in the US can be attributed to the gigabit connections being utilized by TigerVPN. Having such kind of connection effectively maintains speeds despite high internet traffic in the servers. Surfshark’s network of over 3,200 servers in 65 countries makes it another great value.

I’ve bought lifetime licence few year ago and since one week i cannot use anymore my account say that i have no licence active. This, along with the fact that you really cannot contact them from too much angles limits the potential customer’s opportunities to find out specific information through the staff. Moreover, replies are dealt with within 24 hours maximum. In our case, replies were sent in a much shorter amount of time, a couple of hours. Still, with little space left for direct contact, you may find yourself using the knowledgebase of tigerVPN.

Setting up may have taken 10 minutes instead of 5, but after that, I was impressed with the depth of the user guides and the overall smoothness of the UI. It felt very polished and professional, and I got a feel for everything very quickly. Overall, I’d say TigerVPN does a great job of presenting its features and making interacting easy. During this time, I did attempt to use the live chat feature but did not get a response by the time I had figured it out on my own.

Digital privacy expert with 5 years experience testing and reviewing VPNs. He’s been quoted in The Express, The Times, The Washington Post, The Register, CNET & many more. All in all, TigerVPN uses pretty decent encryption, although it still falls short of the security levels you get with ExpressVPN,for example. Upload speeds remained fairly stable and dropped by only a small amount compared to my base test.

Operating systems available for VPN include Windows 8 and 7, but not Vista nor XP. The VPN further includes an automatic kill switch and DNS/WebRTC leak protection. They do, however, offer promotions from time to time as well as discounts of up to 72% discount with their long-term subscriptions. As mentioned earlier, the provider does offer a no questions asked refund policy, which you can exercise within the first 7 days. The downside is that a VPN browser plug-in encrypts only your browser traffic.

We truly believe that everyone deserves free and open access to information and resources to safeguard against security threats near and far. Our mission is to deliver nothing but the unfiltered, unrestricted truth for a secure Internet browsing experience for everyone. Slovakia isn’t home to any censorship laws, which could be a good thing for VPN providers. It’s also quite usual that even the more popular VPN providers would have problems accessing Netflix. The bottom line is that you can torrent on their servers, just download responsibly and avoid doing anything illegal. In reality, a VPN provider shouldn’t even know that you’re using a torrent client in the first place .