Kids Repeller

3m range/coverage

Product Uses:


What it is:

An advanced electronic instrument that constantly emits very fast and powerful 5-20 KHz multifrequency sound waves to help repel mosquitoes. These sound waves stun and cause discomfort in that they instinctively move away from where the bear repeller is working.


  • 3m range/coverage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odourless and gentle on sensitive skin
  • Choose between 3 time settings (4hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs)

How to use it:

Press the little bears nose to select the time setting required. Depending on how long you would like the device to be operations for, press the bears nose once for 4 hours (red light appears), press twice for 6 hours (blue light appears), and press three times for 12 hours (purple light appears). Press the bears nose for a fourth time to completely stop the operation and the lights will stop flashing.

SKU – LTR04550
Barcode – 6009880633197


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