All-natural anti-insect products. Bad news for bugs. Great news for humans and the environment.

Let’s face it. Nature thinks you’re yummy.

The gentle, DEET-free range of LIFE|TREK™ insect repellent products is here to make you less attractive to mozzies and other biting insects. Our special tried and tested formula keeps bothersome bugs at bay, leaving the whole family protected without being harsh on the environment or your skin.

Why no DEET?

DEET is a common active ingredient in many insect repellents. While it may be good at protecting against mosquitoes and other insects, it can be harsh on both humans and the environment.

When you choose an all-natural LIFE|TREK™ product, you can be sure that you’re choosing insect protection that is kind to planet earth, yet highly effective.

From Wearables to After-Bite treatments and even ultrasonic repellers, there’s a LIFE|TREK™ product for every need and situation.