Mosquito Click

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Product Uses:


What it is:

A handy, pocket-sized unit that soothes and relieves irritation caused by mosquito and other insect bites. Each unit dispenses up to 25 000 impulses or ‘clicks’, providing relief for many an itchy bite.


  • Reduces swelling, itching and inflammation
  • Chemical-free
  • No batteries required

How to use it:

Simply take the unit in your hand and place the narrower end on the surface of the skin where the bite occurred. Press the activation button with your thumb, as many times as required to feel relief.

In adults, 4-5 impulses are generally sufficient to relieve itching, while it takes 10-15 impulses to relieve inflammation. Children usually only require half the dosage.

For best results, the LIFE|TREK™ Mosquito Click should be administered as soon as possible after the bite.

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