Family Mini Friend Ultrasound

25m² Coverage

Deet Free

Product Uses:


What it is:

A mini version of the LIFE|TREK™ Family Eco Friend: an advanced electronic instrument that produces and diffuses repellent ultrasounds. These ultrasounds stun and irritate mozzies in the area, reducing their ability to locate their prey without being audible to human ears.


  • Covers rooms up to 25m²
  • Minimal electricity usage
  • No shelf-life or expiration date
  • No refills required
  • Odourless and chemical-free
  • Pet-friendly
  • Safe to keep switched on all day

How to use it:

Simply insert the LIFE|TREK™ Mini Friend into an electrical outlet in the desired room. The defensive action starts as soon as the unit is switched on. The plug should not be hidden behind any cupboards, curtains or bedroom furniture. It should always be orientated towards the centre of the room and not pointed towards open windows.

NOTE: As soon as the unit is switched on, any mosquitoes already in the room will need time to vacate, leaving you at risk of being bitten. We suggest leaving your unit continuously switched on (it only requires a minimal amount of electricity), or switching it on well before nightfall.

25m: SKU – LTR02100
Barcode – 6009880633012


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