Mosquito Repeller Portable Ultrasonic

4 | 6 | 12 Hours’ Protection

Deet Free

Product Uses:


What it is:

An advanced, portable electronic instrument that emits quick and powerful 5-20 KHz multi-frequency soundwaves to repel different species of mosquitoes. These ultrasounds stun and irritate the insects, without being harmful to humans.


  • 3m range/coverage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odourless and gentle on sensitive skin
  • Choose between 3 time settings (4hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs)

How to use it:

Press the white button to select the time setting of the repeller: once for 4 hours (a red light will appear), twice for 6 hours (a green light will appear), three times for 12 hours (an orange light will appear) and four times to switch it off. Ensure that the unit is off when not in use.

This handy unit can be clipped onto clothing items such as shirts, pants, socks, shoes and even caps, making it perfect for those on the move. It can also be placed near the bed at night.

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